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Beginners, Small Groups and Personal Training Sessions


Small Groups Trainings available:
5:45am AM Risers Tues/Wed/Fri
8:45am Tues/Thursdays Strength Training
9:25am Monday Yoga w/weights and Friday Strengthen and Stretch
12pm Mon/Wed/Fri Lunch Time Strength Training
4:20pm Monday Core Strength
4:20pm Tues/Thursday Strength Training

5pm Monday Strength Training
5:35pm Monday/Thursday Strength Fitness
5pm Tuesday Strengthen and Stretch
5pm Wednesday (advanced)
8am Saturday (advanced)
9am Sunday Stretchy Yoga (everyone friendly)

Small Groups are designed in 6 week sessions; here is the payment breakout each 6 weeks. $140 2X a week, $210 3x a week, Unlimited- $275
Invoices will be sent out every 6 weeks or pay in studio.
Check out the link, sign up if you’re not already and let me know in a message if you have any questions.