Personal Training is all about YOU & YOUR goals! Each person is different and that's why each personal training session is designed around your needs, limitations and goals.

Why you should consider a 1:1

#1 Motivation

# 2 Consistency

#3 Clarity

#4 Confidence

#5Avoid Injury

#6 Specific Training

#7 FUN

#8 Existing Injuries that need more attention

#9 Work on YOU and only YOU

#10 Convenience

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What Clients Say About Us

Beginner Fitness Training


Small Group Training is essential in your fitness journey to make sure you always have correct form, alignment, encouragement and more. All Small Group Trainings are instructor led fitness classes with YOU in mind. We put our clients in the BEST small group for them based on abilities and keep progressing as a group. 

Very small group is different so please reach out for a free consult to find your BEST Small Group Fitness Training!

Personal Training


Personal training with Brenda was such a great experience! She listened to my concerns (I needed modifications for most moves) and she created a workout for me each week that challenged me yet didn’t go beyond my abilities. I also loved that I didn’t need any fancy equipment - just my body and a few weights. Everything I learned could be done on my own at home in between sessions, plus the modifications she taught me can be used in any class too. I highly recommend her sessions for anyone looking for a personalized workout, recovering from an injury or if you just need someone to hold you accountable! It’s so worth it! - Martha

Stretch Therapy

Small Group Training

“Personal training with Brenda has not just helped me grow my skills in workouts, but has helped me have better form when going about daily life. I have struggled with lower back issues since I was in my early 20's and learning from Brenda about core engagement and proper form, not just for exercises, but for walking and daily tasks has significantly increased the quality of my life. I wish I had done it sooner.” - Angie

The BEST Beginner Training Program around! Learn the correct form, proper muscle usage and so much more in an easy to learn pace that is truly perfect all in a small group setting for more accountability, guidance and structure that will benefit your body.

Most Small Groups meet to 2xs times a week in 2 - 6 week series, it maybe a 12 week series to start but we don't stop there, the idea of small groups is to stay in your small group, continue to GROW in your fitness journey and grow with a group of likeminded women! 

For more information or for a free consult on what would be the best Small Group for you please reach out by email or phone.

A whole new way to let the body feel amazing!

Increase Blood Flow
[🧡] Release Tension
[🧡] Build Flexibility
[🧡] Improved Range of Motion
[🧡] Better Circulation
[🧡] Decrease Muscle Tightness
[🧡] Relaxation
[🧡] Improve Posture
These are only some of the benefits you will see with a Stretch Therapy Session. Each client is different and have different needs but most clients do feel a sense of flexibility and better body energy after their 1st session. Email, Text, Call to set up your Stretch Therapy Session