Personal Training is all about YOU & YOUR goals! Each person is different and that's why each personal training session is designed around your needs, limitations and goals.

Why you should consider a 1:1

#1 Motivation

# 2 Consistency

#3 Clarity

#4 Confidence

#5Avoid Injury

#6 Specific Training

#7 FUN

#8 Existing Injuries that need more attention

#9 Work on YOU and only YOU

#10 Convenience

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A feeling of gratitude for a body capable of the moves you teach. A better outlook on my life potential as doing this now will make the years to come healthier and stronger. I've gained a community of people who all root each other on to be better and keep at it. As well as an instructor who provides a warm welcoming and most important non-judge mental environment. Thank you so much! - Krystena V

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Also offering Core Strengthening Mondays 4:20pm 

Beginner Stretchy Yoga Fusion Sundays at 9am

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What Clients Say About Us

Personal Training


I feel stronger and taller. Also, my knee was bothering me for 2 months before I started Piyo that I could barely put any pressure on my knee if I was kneeling down. Well after about the 2nd Piyo class my knee doesn't hurt any more. And my push ups have improved. My body doesn't ache after a long day at work. Going to Piyo is always a positive experience there is just a good vibe before, during and after class. My energy level is much higher after class. Brenda Jane Crass explains all the movements so well and makes class very inviting to everyone being someone new or a regular. Glad I found Piyo! -Felica

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What's Happening!

The BEST Beginner Training Program around! Learn the correct form, proper muscle usage and so much more in an easy to learn pace that is truly perfect all in a small group setting for more accountability, guidance and structure that will benefit your body.

Most Small Groups meet to times a week in 6 week series, it maybe a 6 week series to start but we don't stop there, the idea of small groups is to stay in your small group, continue to GROW in your fitness journey and grow with a group of likeminded women! 

For more information or for a free consult on what would be the best Small Group for you please reach out by email or phone.

  • PiYo, Yoga Fusion, Yoga + HIIT
  • Barre Express, BarreBand, Iron Barre
  • Step Aerobics, Hip Hop Step
  • Yoga Beyond, Strength BeyondYoga
  • Tabata, Kick HIiT
  • Band Bustle, BandIT
  • Stretchy Flow, Dynamic Flow, Deep Flow, Iron Flow
  • Sculpt