Fitness studio designed with you in mind. All fitness levels welcome. Class offering piyo, pound, barre, kettlebell and more.


PiYo, WERQ, Defined Abs, Sock 'em Abs 
$5 Drop In rate

Barre Express, Iron Flow, Kettles, Band Bustle, HIIT, Strength 4 You
$6 Drop In Rate

Total Body Barre, Sculpt, Mat Pilates, Pound, Step Up & BarOga

$8 Drop In

Dynamic Flow

$10 Drop In

Bounce FIT

Reservations ARE needed - $15

Bounce FIT Express - $10

Beginner Class Drop IN

$10 (specials for series)

Punch Cards - $40

20 punches, each punch equals $2

(2 1/2 punches for $5 class, 3 punches for $6, 4 punches for $8) 

Unlimited ANY Regular Class


(**excludes BOUNCE FIT, special events/classes and beginner series**)

What is PiYo!
PiYo is combination of yoga, pilates, strength and movement incorporated into a high intensity, low impact workout that will get you hardcore results from head to toe!

PiYo - 45 Minutes
PiYo Express - 30 Minutes
PiYo Flow - 45 Minutes

What is POUND!
Pound is a pilates based workout with cardio interval inspired by drumming -
be ready to make some noise!

Pound - 45 Minutes
Pound Express - 30 Minutes

What is WERQ!
WERQ is the wildly addictive cardio dance workout based on today’s hottest pop, rock and hip hop! Be ready to let loose!

WERQ - 60 Minutes

What is Defined Abs!
Defined Abs is an entire class devoted to strengthening your core!

Defined Abs - 30 Minutes

What is Barre Express!
Barre Express is a cardio based pilates and ballet routine.

A lot of legs and core are sure to be had!

Also check out Iron Barre (use 2/3 lb dumbbells) BarreBand (Resistance bands), Booty Barre

(focus on the booty) and Barreless (taking it away from the barre)

What is Kettlebells

Heart-pumping music and your favorite kettlebell moves, and combines them into calorie torching fun

What is HIIT

Interval Training at its best! Designed to torch calories to the max!  Each class

is designed different while using a combination of weights, bands and

bodyweight! Take this class and torch calories or take it at your own pace.

What is Sculpt

Challenge your core, test your muscle strength and increase your endurance in this

yoga and weight based class.

What is Band Bustle

A full body workout while using resistance bands and loops! 

What is Iron Flow

You know those smaller muscles that maybe you didn't know you had well

in this class you will find them! We'll work on all the smaller muscles in your arms, 

shoulders and back while holding yoga poses with the lower half to gain

strength and increase flexibility.

What is Bounce FIT

Your Rebounding Experience is here! Using a mini rebounder you will

bounce your way to fit.  Benefits of a Rebounder class!
[❤] ️boosts immune functions, [❤] ️improved posture and balance
[❤] ️supports joint and bone health,[❤] ️weight loss
[❤] ️improves cardiovascular system,[❤] ️and more!!

MUST reserve your spot (limited to 6ppl per class)

BOUNCE FIT- 50 minutes

Bounce FIT Express - 30 minutes

Reserve your spot HERE